Watch_Dogs 2: Complete Car On Demand & Sailboat Shop

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    This modification for Watch_Dogs 2 will allow you to obtain all vehicles and their variants in the game, within your Car On Demand phone application and inside the Sailboat Shop (Full list of additional vehicles can be found inside the 'README' text file).

    All of the additional vehicles use the following:

    -Custom Icons identical to vanilla style
    -Custom Names (from existing in-game vehicle names)
    -Custom Descriptions (from existing in-game text)
    -Custom Unique Paint previews
    -Custom Stats

  • speaker_notes Installation

    NEW INSTALLATION: Nice and easy, simply navigate to your game folder and place the the files 'patch3.dat' and 'patch3.fat' into the folder called 'data_win64'.

    USING PREVIOUS VERSION INSTALLATION: It is HIGHLY Recommended that remove the modification and you first play a short sessionĀ  without it installed, let it save, and then install the new version following the steps above.

    *PLEASE NOTE* This modification will disable anti-cheat, and therefore CANNOT be used online. It is perfectly safe to remove the 'patch3' files when you want to go online, and add them again when you want the cars back. Your savegame should not be affected by this switch.

    This modification is only for a legal PC copy of the game running on the latest patch, cracked versions have not been tested by me personally and I have no plans to do so. User feedback however has claimed that running this modification on a cracked game will cause a crash on startup.

    Ensure that you read more in depth information and details in the 'HEALTH & SAFETY' section, there are certain ways which some vehicles need to be used to stop your game breaking/glitching.

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.5:

    -Added Brubeck Coast Guard
    -Added Brubeck Taxi-Boat
    -Added Brubeck Classic AP-150
    -Added Global Leviathan
    -Added Global Muhlenberg 45
    -Added Sailboat
    -Added Sailboat Race AI Red
    -Added Sailboat Race AI Green
    -Added Sailboat Race AI Blue
    -Added Sailboat Race AI Purple
    -Added Sailboat Race AI Black
    -Added Landrock Cube Truck Fragile

    -Introduced the Complete Sailboat Shop. You can now spawn all boats in the game and their respective variants by visiting the Sailboat
    Shop at the Yacht Club. You can also use any boat in the races, too.

    -Introduced Unique Paint previews for added vehicles with unique paint jobs.

    -Added suitable custom descriptions to more vehicles.

    -The San Francisco Police Cruiser and San Francisco Police Talos now accept custom paint.

    -Updated the icons of the San Francisco Police Cruiser, San Francisco Police Talos and the SWAT MRAP.

    Version 1.4:

    -Added Bicycle
    -Added Train Trolley Car
    -Added Global Train Road Train
    -Added Global Train Muni-Train
    -Added Landrock Landrock Van 2500 Yellow Graffiti
    -Added Landrock Landrock Van 2500 Blue Graffiti
    -Added Landrock Landrock Van 2500 Black Graffiti
    -Added Landrock Landrock Van 2500 Red Graffiti
    -Added Landrock Landrock Van 2500 Green Graffiti
    -Added Landrock Landrock Van 2500 Work White Graffiti
    -Added Landrock Landrock Van 2500 Work White/Cream Graffiti

    -Fixed an issue causing random clothing items to become unlocked. If you happened to notice this glitch and were wearing an item that
    was unlocked because of it, part of your character may be invisible. This can be easily fixed by changing your clothing.

    -Added suitable custom names and descriptions to more vehicles. Updated some exisitng ones to suit better.

    -Added suitable custom stats to more vehicles.

    Version 1.3:

    -Added Forklift Server
    -Added RC Jumper HAUM
    -Added RC Drone HAUM
    -Added Wrench Jr
    -Added Tidis Security Robot Pleasure Bot Martian
    -Added Brubeck Helicopter
    -Added Brubeck Helicopter Civilian

    -Introduced custom stats in the app for some vehicles.

    -Added suitable custom names and descriptions to more vehicles.

    -Fixed the broken/glitched descriptions for some vehicles that didn't fit in the text box properly.

    -Updated the Vespid HMI Topless icon.

    Version 1.2:

    -Added Targ Baumsteiger Topless
    -Added Furnari Fiammetta Topless
    -Added Brubeck Vespid HMI Topless
    -Added Brubeck Vespid Lowrider Topless
    -Added Sumitzu Rotor Topless
    -Added Elek Sunrim-EV Topless
    -Added Brubeck Wildebeest Topless
    -Added Global TBT-7000 FBI
    -Added Matarhorn Boxvan Sleeper Cab
    -Added Unknown Vehicle
    -Added Forklift
    -Added Car Forklift
    -Added Scissor Lift

    -Introduced custom names and descriptions in the app for some vehicles.

    -Updated the Crosscountry Series Taxi icon.

    -The Papavero Wonky now accepts custom paint.

    Version 1.1:

    -Added Elek CHP-AAD Cyber Driver
    -Added Papavero Papavero Wonky
    -Added Landrock Landrock Van 2500 Work
    -Added Landrock Tributary 3500 Work

    -Fixed a MAJOR issue causing Heavy vehicles purchased at a dealership to become permanently locked upon unistalling and reinstalling
    the mod. All Heavy vehicles have been removed from the dealership as a result and will immediately unlock like the rest of the
    vehicles in the mod. Those that were affected by this, you should have your Heavy vehicles that you lost reset and back into your
    app with no further issues to your save game.

    -Fixed the SWAT MRAP not using the custom icon.

    -The Climbax Flatbed, San Francisco City Bus and Gabay Dump Truck now accept custom paint.


    Version 1.0: Initial Release

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